Summer Reading/Personal Leadership Plan

One of the most helpful deliverables we created last semester in our Leadership by Design course was a “Personal Leadership Plan.” This plan analyzed the results of our various assessments (See post titled “You: By the Numbers” for specifics) and identified two areas for growth for us to focus on. For each of these growth areas, we identified specific actions to take, feedback loops, success criteria, and a timeline for the plan. If you’re interested in the exact format, please message me directly.

The two areas I identified for myself were growing my capabilities and confidence as an ideator and better identifying and aligning my actions with my purpose. In addition to identifying actions and activities to support this growth, I’ve curated my summer reading list around these goals. I’d love your comments/feedback on other books that might support this.

Purpose focus: Identify a purpose that may lead to sustained happiness, satisfaction, and success.

Ideation focus: To look at opportunities instead of problems, and to practice letting go of some control to become more agile.

Some of these books are ones I’ve already read for school, and want to re-read on my own time to more fully absorb their lessons. And the journey continues.