Knitting Project #4

This is the first real pattern I’m following, and it requires the use of a stitch marker, row counter, increasing stitches, decreasing stitches, short shaping rows, making button holes and counting stitches!

About button holes: One part of making a button hole is binding off stitches (BO) to make  the bottom edge of the hole. To bind off stitches, you use two stitches– one carries down the row and one slips off and makes that nice edge. It’s pretty easy if you’re binding off an entire row, but when you’re counting stitches, it’s unclear if you make one or two additional stitches before you start binding off. In this pattern, you make two if you want it to be symmetrical. I’ll experiment with this on patterns going forward.


Stage One


Stage Two! (It’s a little ruffled because of the short shaping rows.)

Photo on 4-30-13 at 4.31 PM

It’s done! Now to find some buttons…