On Reading: First Year DMBA

As you can imagine/have experienced/are experiencing currently, grad school requires a lot of reading. Almost through my first year, I feel ready to recommend some of the best reading we’ve done in the purple track of the DMBA.


Here goes:

The top three on the list were pre-reading before the first semester started, and served to get my head in the game before starting my MBA. The second three were the Bibles of my first semester, and Business Model Generation and Designing for Growth have influenced each project I’ve worked on since meeting them. The last two books are both from my second semester marketing insights course. The Making Meaning book provided a whole new perspective on what needs to design for, and Design Research is full of tools for uncovering those needs.

Finally, cliche I know, but keeping a design journal has been wonderful. If you don’t already think of yourself as a person who draws or maps ideas on paper, having to keep a design journal as an assignment will open doors. I’m not a drawer and I do not sketch for fun. But, let me tell you, putting an idea on paper, literally, is the fastest way to try out a new idea and communicate it to people. Because it was a weekly assignment, I had to get used to it. I loved it when I did.

Anyone else have great grad school reads?