Recommended Baking Adventures March + Early April 2014

In the last couple of months of graduate school, work is ramping up and I’m finding solace in the kitchen.

Some favorites from the last month or so:

I’ve continued to play with Beard on Bread by James Beard, and took another shot at his Home-Style White Bread, but added a few tablespoons of zatar spice, my new favorite thing. It was nice to have some extra seasoning in the bread, and I’ll plan to add at least 3T next time to make an impact.

IMG_1837 IMG_1839

Pi day was a great excuse to make pie. We made a butternut squash pie with a basic pie crust from Mark Bittman. It was a hit! No need to return to pumpkin pie– butternut squash is just as good.


On a whim, we tried cheesy biscuits for a dinner party and ended up making a substitution for the buttermilk. Though they didn’t really rise, they were delicious and cheesy. We’d definitely try them again without the buttermilk substitution.

IMG_1852 IMG_1855

Inspired by lovely spring weather, I decided to make a variation of Mark Bittman’s Poblano Custard with peas and parmesan. We didn’t get a good shot of the final result, but it was interesting and tasty. Super easy with only 5 ingredients, and coincidentally kosher for passover. I foresee trying another variation next week.


My latest James Beard Recipe: Buttermilk White Bread. This recipe actually uses whole wheat flour. It make a very large loaf, which is great for sandwiches. I think I’ve finally figured out the water temperature for yeast. Thank goodness.

IMG_2027 IMG_2030