Recommended Baking Adventures January 2014

Oofda! It’s been a busy busy winter, but it’s high time I posted again. Stay tuned for a design-related post later this weekend. For now, an update on baking adventures!



One of my best Christmas presents this year was a vintage copy of “Beard on Bread.” James Beard leads the willing cook through a variety of bread recipes– mostly yeasted breads, but others as well. I started out with the basic white bread. I’ve determined that the liquid to flour ratio that he recommends is far too dry, and have ended up adding almost a quarter cup of additional water whenever I make it. Outside of that issue, the bread crusts nicely and makes delicious toast with a consistent interior.



Voila! The final time I made this recipe, I added about 2T of herbs de Provence and about 1T of garlic powder. The flavored bread went excellently with jam.

This might not count as baking, but we had a ton of fun ringing in the new year with paella!



We used this recipe, and swapped out some of the fresh seafood for the pack of frozen seafood from Trader Joe’s. The dish was somewhat time intensive, but not technically difficult. It was delicious at dinner, but the leftovers (there wasn’t much, unfortunately) were even more delicious the next day. Highly, highly recommended.

Some amazing recipes that I didn’t take photos of, but highly recommend from this month:




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